Is this neurology your new best friend?

A new research study shows the neurological and physical therapy interventions that can help patients with Parkinson’s disease improve their cognitive function are effective in some cases.Key points:Neurology is a field that has become increasingly popular in recent years with the rise of cognitive and social therapyNeuroscience is a science that deals with the brain


R.K. Sreekumar, Neurologist, Talks to NDTV News

R. K. Sreesanth, the neurologist who pioneered neuro-imaging techniques for the US, was recently interviewed by NDTV news channel, where he discussed the importance of studying neurology in medical school.NDTV reporter Shubhra Kumar asked Sreesan to comment on the controversy surrounding his study, which he called “extremely controversial”, but Sreesant said that he had not


How can the West Coast’s neurology be saved?

From a pediatric neurology associate to a neuroscientist to an associate professor of neurosurgery, researchers across the West coast are looking to one another for answers to a big question: How can neurology and neurosurgeons improve their practices?They are part of an increasingly competitive field where the skills and knowledge of their peers are increasingly


How to treat the symptoms of Frontiers in Neurology?

Frontiers Research, the organisation which runs the Fairfax Neurology Centre, is working on a clinical trial to find out how to treat Frontiers patients with Parkinson’s disease with neurofeedback.Key points:The trial, which is currently in its early stages, will involve people with Parkinsonism receiving neurofeedbacks during their hospitalisationThe study is designed to investigate the effect

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