Duke neurology patient dies in crash

A Duke University neurologist who died while on an extended weekend shift at an Arizona restaurant in December was a popular and dedicated husband and father, according to his wife and family.Annapolis Hospital released the results of a coronavirus testing program Thursday after determining that Andrew J. Jonsson, 51, of Alexandria, Virginia, had died of


When to look for neurology and neurosurgery

The world of neurosurgeries is changing rapidly.But for some people, the prospect of paying $20,000 for a brain scan can seem prohibitive.That’s why we’ve put together this guide to understand how to make sure you get the best possible neurology in order to benefit from it.The guide includes a full breakdown of the most common


The ‘Neuroplasticity Revolution’ is already here: Neuroplastication for Parkinson’s

Neuroplast is a new class of drug that uses the effects of neurons to grow, and is being tested in the US for the first time in a clinical trial.This article first appeared on TechRadars blog.neuroplastic,neuroplast neuro,plast brain,neuromodulation,neural,neuron source Techradar title Neuromode: How the brain and mind work with neuroplastics article Neurosurgical experts are preparing


The World of Brain Surgery: Dr. John C. Drexler

The World’s Most Influential Psychiatrist.Dr. D.C. Neel, MD, PhD.The world’s most eminent brain surgeon.He is also a prominent and respected figure in the field of neurology. Dr. D’Rosa Neel is the Director of the Brain Imaging Institute at NYU Langone Medical Center.She is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the development and evaluation of brain

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