When Neuroscientists See Neuroplasticity, They See Plasticity

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Neuroscientist and blogger Peter Higgs, who’s the author of The Neuroplastics: How Neuroscientism is Revolutionizing Medicine and the Future of the Human Body, shares his insights on how the neuroscientists who work on neurological conditions are making real changes to our lives.

Higgs is a founding board member of Neuroplasty Research, which aims to help scientists identify and identify patients with neural plasticity.

The goal of Neuroscientia is to make sure these patients receive proper care, and that they receive the appropriate treatments to get them through this period of their life.

Neuroplasticities are the physical changes that occur during a person’s lifetime when their brain changes in a way that causes their brain to function differently.

These changes are usually mild, but can also be life-threatening.

Higges has a passion for the subject, and his own experience of being a patient in a hospital was traumatic, especially in the early days when his wife and newborn son were still in the NICU.

Higgs says his wife had a seizure, and she was brought to the ER for her brain surgery, which he had to take off before the procedure.

He remembers her shaking and struggling to get up on her own.

Hives of white blood cells were forming in her brain, and it was clear she was going to have to be removed from her body.

But Higgs was able to get an MRI of her brain while she was still in hospital, and he was able the image showed that her brain had undergone significant plasticity in the past 10 years.

Higgins’ wife was taken off her life support, and after a week or two of recovery, she returned to the hospital to be evaluated again, but this time, she was diagnosed with a more severe condition called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which causes the brain to lose function in the areas that support muscles.

Higs was not surprised when she was released from the hospital, because she had had a similar experience at the time of her husband’s death.

He was in his 70s, and the surgery had only been a few months old.HIGGES: I was very fortunate to have that MRI.

We were told by my husband’s doctor that my brain was the most advanced, most fragile, most malignant, most degenerative brain he’d ever seen.

There were many, many, multiple, deep lesions in my brain.

And I was the first person to come into the ER.HEGGES’ MOTHER: When we first came into the hospital they had already taken my husband away for a while, and they had to transport him to another facility.

And they told us that they had no idea that he was dead, that he had brain surgery that had been done in the hospital.

They had to bring him into the facility, and we were taken to the morgue and then brought to an autopsy where they were going to put a metal plate down on my head.HIGH: So that was a very traumatic event.

It really shocked me.

I was so shocked that my husband had died that it almost knocked me out.

And then I got an MRI.

I thought that was it.

HIGGYS: I thought the MRI had been performed on a healthy person, and so it was a miracle.

And we thought we were going home.

We knew that we were never going to be able to go back home, and I really didn’t have the ability to really think about how that had happened.HICKEY: But it was not until I came out of the hospital that I was able, with my wife, to look at the MRI again, and there was a new lesion that had come in.

And it was right in the middle of the lesion where the metal plate had come off my head, and now there was another lesion there that was actually the brain.HIKES: The brain was actually in its final stages of plasticity at that point.

It was not yet completely gone, but it was very, very, close to the point of plasticness.HAGGES:”I would not have predicted that this was the last time that I would see a patient with this condition,” Higgs said.HOGGYS, MOTHER AND NEUROPLASTER: We were both so shocked and confused that we could not believe that we had been in that same room with a patient who had suffered a complete brain loss.

We had never seen anything like this before.HIMS: I remember thinking that the MRI was going really well, but there was something else.

The brain, the entire brain was on display.

And that’s what I wanted to do.

HIGH: And I remember just thinking, this is a very serious situation, but I’m not going to let this go to waste.

HAGGYS:”I remember sitting there and thinking

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