When is a concussion a concussion?


The diagnosis is made after the symptoms of the concussion persist for at least one hour.

A concussion is defined as an intense, persistent, and persistent head injury that does not respond to treatment, does not relieve the symptoms, and does not resolve with symptomatic improvement.

A concussion can also be treated by an acute neurologic episode.

Symptoms of the acute neurological episode include a decrease in consciousness, loss of coordination, and temporary or permanent loss of consciousness, and a temporary decrease in movement.

In addition, a concussion can be treated with other treatments, including neuro-linguistic therapy (NLP), neuro-imaging techniques, and pharmacotherapy.

The following are examples of acute neurological episodes that can be recognized by the patient during a concussion evaluation:A severe head injury, such as a concussion, is characterized by a loss of awareness, loss in coordination, loss or temporary paralysis, and decreased consciousness.

The symptoms are usually mild and include headache, blurred vision, and blurred vision and hearing.

The acute neurological event is often accompanied by other symptoms, such an altered sense of time, memory loss, loss to memories, confusion, confusion of thought, and memory loss and forgetting.

The initial symptoms can include headache and nausea.

The severity of the symptoms varies from patient to patient, depending on their history, medical history, and treatment history.

A mild or transient concussion is characterized more by changes in consciousness than by loss of control.

The symptoms are not severe and typically resolve within a few hours.

A moderate or severe concussion is a more severe injury.

The initial symptoms include headache with a headache frequency of 10 to 15 headaches per week.

The severe injury can lead to long-term disability and permanent disability.

Symptoms include memory loss with a loss to recall of details, loss, and confusion, as well as a change in balance.

The clinical course of a concussion depends on the severity of symptoms and severity of injury.

Some patients recover in less than three weeks and some require a long recovery.

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