Video: ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ returns to NBC this fall

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It’s the most important film ever made, but the one with the biggest comeback in the history of cinema, a video of a man being shot by a police officer in Georgia, the movie The Phantom Tollboat, will have a new home on NBC this summer.

The new NBC drama series The Phantom has a strong shot at becoming a major hit in the coming years, but its most recent trailer, released in August, did little to convince NBC to pick it up.

But now the series has a new trailer, this time from the writers behind the film, to show it’s definitely not the only one with a strong chance of making the big time.

“The Phantom’s” creator, Michael Green, and his team have been working on the new film for months, with the pilot already in the works.

The show will premiere in the fall on NBC, but NBC hasn’t decided whether it will run the show as a regular TV series or as an extended series.

“We’re doing a pilot, we’re not deciding whether to do the whole series,” Green told the Hollywood Reporter last week.

“And if we decide to do both, we’d love to be a part of both.”

And it’s unlikely that NBC will pull the plug on the show for any other reason than it’s a great idea.

NBC and the studio are desperate to find a new, long-running drama that can keep audiences on the cable network’s schedule and help push the network’s other big-budget series like The Office and Parks and Recreation.

But the show, like the pilot, is set in Atlanta, Georgia.

So it’s not going to be all that surprising if the show does well enough to get picked up for a full season.

The Phantom, which premiered in 2005, was one of several original TV series to be shot in Atlanta during the dot-com boom.

But it was the first show to shoot in Atlanta in an actual city, which helped to make the city famous.

And in a year when most people were glued to their TV sets for the news and entertainment, the film became a major phenomenon, thanks to its wide appeal and quirky story.

The pilot is a fun look at the life of the mysterious man, who is also called Phantom.

It tells the story of an artist who falls in love with a woman in a small town named The Phantom.

But Phantom has been around for more than three decades.

He’s the subject of countless films and TV shows, and fans of his work have made their mark on the film’s world.

So why does NBC want to bring him back to the screen?

The Phantom’s original creator, Stephen King, is the person behind The Shining, the 1973 horror classic that inspired a series of sequels.

It’s been a long time since King has been in the spotlight, but his recent film, The Dark Tower, helped revive the franchise with a dark and powerful tale that will have fans salivating over this new film.

And even though The Phantom was a bit of a surprise for many viewers when it debuted, it is a classic in its own right, which makes its return to the small screen a natural fit.

“When you see the movie, it’s the same movie that I’ve seen every single time I’ve watched it,” Green said.

“I love that movie.

It had such an impact on me.

It really is, and I think it’s going to continue to be, a movie that’s going, for decades, to live on.

I think the audience will respond well to that, and that’s what we’re trying to do. “

But, yeah, I think we can definitely get to that point.

“If we can just bring in new actors to do this, we think it can really take off. “

It’s an original story, so it will resonate with the audience,” he continued.

“If we can just bring in new actors to do this, we think it can really take off.

I’m not going back to Atlanta because of that.”

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