Which neurology specialists are in the news?

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A neurologist has been the subject of a viral video that has been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube.

The video was uploaded by a man known only as “Dr. X”.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube on February 18, and the video has been watched more than 15 million times.

The clip, which was taken on a video call with a woman in China, shows a doctor who is in a waiting room with a patient who has a neurological disorder.

The doctor begins by talking about a condition called Vascular Neurology.

He then goes on to discuss the different types of vascular diseases that can occur in people who have had a stroke, a head injury or a head trauma.

The man then goes to the hospital where the patient is receiving treatment and describes what happens to the brain.

In the clip, a man’s voice is heard saying that the brain will be fine once the patient has been admitted to the operating theatre.

Dr X has been in the spotlight recently due to the death of an 85-year-old woman who was a patient at the hospital and who had an abnormal blood-brain barrier.

The Chinese woman had an irregular heartbeat and was in cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead by doctors in the intensive care unit.

In March this year, another video clip showed the doctor giving the same treatment to a man who had a brain injury.

Dr. Chen has been featured in several videos that have gone viral in China.

In one video, Dr. Chen was shown performing a procedure on a patient with a head wound.

The patient was given a brain scan and Dr. Cui had the patient give a speech about his injury.

The patient later said that Dr. Li had told him that the wound was not serious, and that the patient would not be hurt at all.

The first video that Dr Cui was shown performed on the elderly patient is also viewed nearly 200 million times online.

Dr Chen is also known to have a YouTube channel that has nearly 100 million subscribers.

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