Why does it matter if your brain is damaged?

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What is neurological impairment?

Neurosis, a condition in which the brain does not produce enough dopamine, is the main cause of many conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It is also known as Parkinson’s disease.

The symptoms of neurological impairment are similar to those of Parkinson’s and are sometimes confused with the disease.

They can include: sleep apnea, poor coordination and motor skills, tremors, depression and anxiety, seizures, depression, psychosis, sleep apnoea, muscle weakness, and hearing loss.

If you have one of these conditions, your doctor will need to look at your medical history, medical tests, and medications.

What you need to know about the brain and how it works article There are two types of brain damage: structural and functional.

Structural brain damage involves damage to the brain tissue itself, whereas functional brain damage affects the brain’s electrical connections.

Structured brain damage has been known to occur in people who have been hit by cars, or when someone suffers from stroke.

Functional brain damage can be caused by damage to nerve cells or damaged blood vessels.

These changes can cause problems with the balance of blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and vision, and also affect the ability to think clearly.

Some people have trouble with these symptoms because they have problems with how their brains function.

Brain damage can also affect other parts of the body, such as the brain stem and spinal cord.

This can cause issues with breathing and affect speech and balance.

What causes neurological impairment in people with Parkinson’s?

Neurological impairment is caused by changes to the way the brain works, which can cause a range of symptoms.

For example, the motor system is affected, causing movements such as sitting, standing or walking to be harder to perform.

These movements may be difficult or impossible to control.

Other changes to movement may include: impaired coordination or coordination with other people or objects

neurological impairment

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