‘I have a bad headache’: Scientists reveal they can help with migraines with a vaccine


The world’s first clinical trial of a novel vaccine for migraine has found a way to stop migrainic attacks by helping the immune system produce a specific immune molecule, scientists have said.

Key points:Scientists at the University of Edinburgh say the drug could be used as a therapy for migraine sufferersThe drug, called TRIS-15, is a novel approach to migraine treatmentThe drug has already shown promise in trials involving patients with chronic migrainitis and depressionThe vaccine could also be used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis, researchers said.

Scientists at Edinburgh University said they had developed a novel immune molecule called TRISC-15 that has a broad range of therapeutic properties that can be used to treat migrainus.

“We have found that TRIS is able to prevent migraine attacks in mice by stimulating the immune response, which is very similar to what is seen in humans with migraine,” Dr Chris Tonge, one of the researchers on the study said.

“It also acts like a natural anti-inflammatory agent.”

This is very exciting because it could be one of many approaches that we could look at to treat chronic migraine.

“Dr Tonge and his colleagues said TRISC will work by activating the immune cells in the brain.”

By activating the receptors, TRISC could block some of the damaging processes associated with migraine attacks, and in turn prevent migrainas attacks from occurring in the first place,” he said.

The researchers said that TRISC has been tested in mice with migraine, and is currently being tested in humans.

The new drug has been developed by Dr Tonge’s group at the Department of Psychiatry at the Edinburgh University School of Medicine.”

The TRISC molecule is a unique antibody that works by targeting the TRISC receptor, and thus blocking the TRIS receptor from activating, which in turn causes the immune cell to not produce a molecule that will stimulate the TRICIPT receptor,” he explained.”

That way, TRIS can also act as a natural anticoagulant to prevent migraine, which helps the immune systems to get rid of the migrainous attacks.

“With this new therapeutic approach, we hope to be able to use TRIS to treat migraine sufferers with migraining attacks, including people with chronic inflammatory disorders like multiple-sclerosis and depression, which are common in patients with migraine.”

In a separate trial, TRISA, a similar antibody that is produced in the immune body, was shown to stop migraine attacks.

The researchers believe the TRISA antibody could also help with chronic migraine, especially in people who are already taking other treatments.

Dr Tingle said that they were hoping to develop the TRISS-15 vaccine into a drug that could be injected into the brain for the treatment.

“As with other autoimmune disorders, we will need to continue to monitor TRIS and TRISC closely,” he added.

“If TRIS fails to protect against migraina attacks, we may need to consider alternative therapies, such as the anti-inflammatories and anticoags we already know work well in treating migrainias.”

Dr Steven Novella, the study’s lead researcher, said that while TRIS had a limited therapeutic potential, it was a promising approach to treat a wide range of autoimmune disorders.

“Currently, TRISS has only been tested on mice, and TRIS has been shown to work in human patients as well, but we hope TRIS will one day be tested in people, including migrainees, as well,” he told news.com.au.

“There is a huge need for this vaccine to be used for the prevention of migrainis attacks, which includes the many chronic inflammatory conditions like multiple sclerosis and bipolar disorder, which can have a significant impact on people’s lives and quality of life.”

I am particularly interested in TRIS as a treatment for chronic migaines because the antibody we have developed has the potential to be a new and potentially powerful treatment for migraining, particularly in the elderly.

“Dr Novellas comments come after the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) last week launched a study into a vaccine candidate that could protect against the most common forms of migraine.

NICE scientists are currently looking at TRIS’ effect on migraine and are hoping to conduct a trial in 2020.

einstein neurology

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