How to make sure your brain is healthy and functional before a stroke

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Vascular neurologist Dr. John Barrett says it takes years to learn to control blood vessels, so when he’s not treating stroke victims, he’s doing other things.

“When you get to the point where you are treating patients with brain injury, you have to get that done,” he said.

Barrett says that’s when he finds himself spending more time doing other tasks.

“The things that I’m doing now, like I’m working on, I’m spending a lot more time with my kids and my wife,” he explained.

He also said that if you can’t afford a stroke treatment, you should consider a neurological rehabilitation center.

“I’ve got a son with a stroke, and I’m trying to find the best facility that I can,” he told ABC News.

“And it’s not a matter of me saying I want to go and get a stroke center, I don’t.

I don, but I want the best.”

Barrett is a vascular neurologist and associate professor of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

He and his colleagues have been researching stroke since the 1970s.

He says he started treating stroke patients in 2002 and has seen a steady increase in stroke cases over the years.

Barrett also runs the Vascular Neurology Center at Cleveland Clinic, a center that helps patients recover from stroke and other brain injuries.

It’s a unique approach because it’s in the hands of a neurologist.

“It’s not just about doing something for you, it’s about your health, and that includes your ability to function,” he added.

Barrett’s team focuses on finding ways to reduce the risk of stroke, which is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and more than $4.6 trillion in medical bills.

He said one of the biggest challenges of managing stroke is that it can cause permanent damage to the brain.

“If you have any of these things happening to your brain, you can have a stroke and you can be totally paralyzed, or even die,” he says.

Barrett said that while stroke patients can recover from a stroke by being physically active, it is also possible for them to be paralyzed by the damage to their brain.

Barrett and his team have found that a common complication of stroke is loss of motor skills, and this can cause them to have a learning disability.

Barrett explained that stroke patients who don’t learn to walk can also lose their ability to control their muscles, making it more difficult to function as a person.

“This is a huge issue in our society, and it’s really the reason why stroke rates are so high,” he stated.

Barrett hopes to help these patients find a new way to function.

“But also, we can help them learn to make decisions about their life.” “

So I think that is the main issue,” he continued.

“But also, we can help them learn to make decisions about their life.”

Barrett says stroke patients should be given as much help as possible.

“That is what we want to do, because we want these people to get better, and we want them to feel better,” he noted.

Barrett is one of many researchers working on stroke rehabilitation, which includes treating stroke survivors as they go through rehabilitation.

He’s also looking at ways to improve cognitive function and even help people who have a disability like epilepsy.

“In a stroke you can lose your motor skills and that can cause some problems, like seizures,” Barrett said.

“What we do is we take these patients out of their environment, we put them in a place where we can do what we need them to do in the long run, and then we give them the tools to do that.”

Barrett said one type of stroke rehabilitation is for people who can’t walk.

“We treat people who are in a wheelchair, and they are very, very limited physically.

And so we give the patients a wheelchair and then they get involved in activities that they are limited in,” he elaborated.

Barrett estimates that he has about 60 stroke patients at the center.

He thinks the best way to treat stroke is to help patients find the right rehabilitation facility.

“Most of them are out of a hospital, they don’t have a bed, they can’t move their legs,” he pointed out.

“They can’t really function in their home.

So we are looking at that, and also looking into other rehabilitation facilities.”

Barrett’s goal is to work with stroke patients to create the right environment for their recovery.

“Once you start rehabilitating with the patients, we want the patients to get the right level of activity, because once you start to make that kind of progress, it makes it easier for them,” he concluded.

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