How to find the best neurosurgical clinics in the world


We all know the story of the brain: its many connections, its many problems, its myriad sides, its complexity.

But how do you find the right brain surgery?

And how can you do that when there are no standardized benchmarks?

To get to the bottom of this question, we spoke to neurologists across the globe.

Some were willing to talk about their practice, while others were reluctant.

But we wanted to hear their stories, too, so we reached out to neurology experts from across the world, including a neurosurgeon in France and a neurosurgist in the U.K. We also talked to neurologist-surgeons at institutions across the U to see what makes them tick.

So what are the best neurology clinics in different countries?

Here’s what they said.

(A separate post will be forthcoming in the weeks to come on neurosurgeons in different regions of the world.)1.

GermanyThe German neurology community has its own specialty in its own right: neurology.

As we have reported before, the German government and hospitals are among the top spenders on brain surgery in Europe, with around $7 billion per year.

There are also an estimated 30,000 neurologists in Germany, making it one of the most diverse medical specialties in the country.

We spoke with two neurologists who work with this community: Dr. Martin Kahl, the chief of neurology at the University of Wurzburg, and Dr. Andreas Gassner, head of neurologie at the university’s neurology department.

Here’s their interview.2.

United KingdomA good neurology clinic in the UK will likely be a specialized neurology unit or unit with anesthesiology and surgery, not an outpatient surgery unit.

The reason?

There are so many types of neurologic problems that can occur in the hospital, and so much overlap.

You don’t want to treat everything at once.

So when we speak about anesthesiological, for example, we have to think of what that is.

We have to look at the difference between anesthetic and non-anesthetic.

So we might have an anesthetic on the surgery table, but a non-opioid medication will be on the ventilator table, for instance.

So that can be an important consideration.

We also have a neuroimmunology unit, which focuses on neuroinflammation and inflammatory diseases.

In this case, we are seeing a lot of infections in the ICU.

It’s important to know that these are all diseases that are more common in ICU patients.3.


The U.s.

A neurology team has a huge influence on what is happening in the brain.

They are very active in the area of stroke and stroke patients, for one thing.

They work with neurosurgery to develop new techniques for treating them.

They also work closely with neuro-oncology, where they are also developing drugs to treat cancer.

I am sure there is some overlap there, but I’m sure there are people in our neuros group who would say that this is not a big difference.

So it is important to have a diverse team, but you also want to make sure that your team is very experienced, because you need to have the right expertise in order to do a good job.

There is a lot more to do in the United States than the UK.4.

CanadaThe most common specialty in Canada is neurology and is especially popular among the older generation.

There, the team at McMaster University focuses on neurological conditions.

The university also has a great neuroscience training program that is focused on neurology issues.5.

United StatesA neurologist who works in the neurology program at Johns Hopkins University is one of those people who knows the brain so well that he doesn’t just sit there and tell you the story, but he has the data to back it up.

So he is very well-versed in what is going on in the brains of people with a lot different conditions.

He’s also very good at talking about his own experiences with patients, so he can provide support to the patients.

I have worked with this guy for over 30 years.

We really do have a lot in common.6.

GermanyA neurologic specialist at a major hospital in Germany was very upfront with us about the differences between Germany and the U: a large number of neuros units, a large group of specialists working in the emergency department and a larger number of specialists practicing neurology in the general ICU ward.

In other words, Germany has an incredibly diverse neurology practice.

The problem is that Germany is not in the top 10 neurologies in the entire world, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The difference between Germany’s two neurologies is that neurology is the main specialty.

Neurology is more specialized in Germany because of its size. Germany

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