Brain-computer interface technology could allow doctors to diagnose brain diseases in children

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In 2017, researchers announced that they had developed a computer-based, wireless, wearable brain-computer interaction that could help diagnose and treat a wide range of brain disorders including Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, epilepsy associated with trauma and a range of other brain disorders.

The technology is being tested on a small number of children.

Today, researchers are working to expand the technology and create more powerful applications for the technology, including developing new diagnostics, brain imaging and neuropsychological monitoring systems for pediatric neurologists and neurologists at universities around the country.

The work is being supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Brain Research through the Brain Development and Rehabilitation (BDAR) Program.

The BDAR Program is a federal agency that provides grants to universities and academic research centers for new technologies.

It supports basic research in the fields of neurobiology, neuroscience, neuroscience engineering, neuroscience biology, neuroscience psychiatry, neuroscience epidemiology, neurology and neurodevelopmental disorders.

“We are excited to support the development of this technology and the application of it to improve the diagnostic, management and treatment of neurodevelopmentally-related disorders,” said Mark Ritchie, director of the NINDS Brain Research Program.

“The NINds Brain Research program is the largest neurodevelopment research program in the United States and the only one in the world dedicated to brain development and research.

The program supports research in brain development, and provides a critical platform for our nation’s scientists to advance knowledge in the areas of brain development.

We are proud to support these efforts by supporting these projects.”

The BDPRs brain-imaging and neurophysiological monitoring devices have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for patients and help alleviate their cognitive and physical impairments.

The BDPR devices are currently being tested in patients with epilepsy and in children with severe epilepsy associated seizures, and they are being used to identify patients who might benefit from early detection and intervention programs.

“With these advances in technology, the development and use of these devices could improve the clinical care of many children with neurodevelopment-related developmental disorders,” Ritchie said.”BDAR is committed to helping to advance the advancement of technology and research, and to advancing the public health and the economic health of our nation.”

For more information about the NINCDS Brain Science program, visit:

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