Barrow Neurology’s new chief executive says they’re ‘looking to do more’


Barrow neurology has hired new CEO Paul Smith to lead the group, bringing him on from the head of the group’s neurological services division.

Smith was previously CEO of Neurology Associates and a professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

“We’re excited to have Paul join our team, and he brings his knowledge of the neurology business and expertise to the company,” said David H. LeBlanc, CEO of Barrow, in a statement.

“His experience in neurology will be a tremendous asset to the business and we are confident he will help us grow Barrow’s neurology services to the point where it can serve as a major provider of neurology in the area of mental health and dementia.”

Barrow is the largest neurology company in the United States.

It has been expanding its neurology operations, focusing on treating dementia, as well as treating other conditions that can affect mental health.

As CEO of the Neurology Group, Smith will report to CEO Dan Mascarenhas.

Barrow has also hired Dr. Mark Zuckerman as its chief medical officer.

Zuckerman previously headed the Neurological Services Group at the Mayo Clinic.

In his new role, Zuckermans responsibilities include working with the company to bring its new neurology group, Neurology Partners, to fruition, said the statement.

Zuckermann is the CEO of St. Luke’s Neurology and has extensive experience in the neurologic community, having served as vice president for the neurologists’ health care for more than 30 years.

The Neurology Business Group, the company’s new entity, will focus on the delivery of its neurologic services, and its medical services group, will also focus on providing the neurologist community with high-quality, high-value care, the statement said.

The Neurologys Neurology Services Group will be managed by its new president, Dr. Daniel Gorman, and will include the companys clinical service, diagnostic and laboratory services, clinical education and training, clinical research and development and business development divisions, the statements said.

In addition to Barrow CEO Smith, the Neurologys neurology team includes Dr. Matthew S. Schuster, former chief executive officer of The Neurology Institute of South Florida; Dr. Eric A. Hausman, former CEO of The Neurosurgical Group; and Dr. James F. Ritter, who served as president of Neurologys Medical Services Group.

Smith was originally a vice president at Neurology.

He was named executive vice president of the company in November 2016 and is responsible for the company s business operations and operations strategy, including the neurologically-focused neurology division.

The Neurologys neurological services group was originally founded in 2014 and was focused on treating conditions related to neurological dysfunction, but has expanded to include other neurological conditions.

Barrow Neurologists neurologist is Dr. Paul A. Smith.

His duties include the delivery and management of neurologic care and the management of clinical research, and the medical services business is managed by Dr. David J. Leblanc, former president and CEO of Neurosurgics.

Barrows neurology specialists is Drs.

Mark W. Zuckers and Eric A Hausmen.

The neurology physicians are responsible for both the clinical services and medical services businesses.

Barrie Neurology has a global clinical network with affiliates throughout the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Spain.

Barriere Neurology also has offices in England, Spain, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United Nations.

For more information about Barrow and Neurology, visit

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