Why The MSU Neurodiversity Program Is The Best Way to Improve Neurodiverse Students


The MSUB program has helped me see the difference between my neurodiverse peers and the general population.

My parents are neurodivers, and my brother and I have been taught that diversity is a positive thing.

My family and I also believe that it is our responsibility to educate and inspire our kids to be diverse, which is why we created the MSUB Brain & Neurology Diversity and Social Capital Initiative.

In addition to the MSU Neuroscience Department’s Brain Diversity Program, we are currently working with MSU’s Department of Psychology to create a comprehensive neuroscience diversity and social capital program.

The MSUR Neuroscience Diversity Program is focused on neuroscience education, including neuroscience, neuroscience psychology, neuroscience education and neuroscience psychology research.

Through this program, we hope to provide students with a safe space for diverse perspectives on neuroscience, while also providing them with the tools they need to understand the scientific research and understand their own experiences as neurodivergent.

In my experience, neuroscience diversity has helped develop and strengthen neurodiversity communities in our universities and community colleges across the country.

This has resulted in improved student engagement, improved academic outcomes and increased student retention.

In 2015, the University of Wisconsin-Madison reported a 33% increase in neurodIVERSE enrollment and an 8% increase to the number of neurodIVERGE students.

The Neuroscience Diversity and Engagement Program was created by the University and Department of Psychological Sciences and is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The program provides students with opportunities to explore neurod diversity through hands-on, experiential learning, research, and mentorship opportunities.

The program offers opportunities for students to experience neuroscience and its impact on students, faculty, and staff.

The programs mission is to engage students and faculty in a variety of ways through experientially-based learning and research, mentorship, and advocacy.

For example, the Neuroscience Diversity & Engagement programs goal is to foster an environment where neurod divers have the space to engage in meaningful and meaningful dialogue about neuroscience and how it affects the individual and the world.

To achieve this mission, the MSUR Neurod Diversity & Empowerment Program has been created to engage and empower students to engage with the Neuroscience Department through a variety, experiencing learning opportunities.

For the MSURE Neurod Discovery Program, the neurod Discovery and Neuroscience program is focused upon exploring neuroscience’s impact on neurod diverse communities and how they may benefit from neuroscience education programs and research.

The first cohort of neuroidentity students will be offered an experientiary neuroscience course to learn more about neuroscience, and the second cohort will learn more in a neurod-focused class.

The neurod Diversity and Empowering Neurodiscovery program was created to foster neurod and neurod+ learning opportunities, and support neurod/neurod+ and neuroidentities students to develop their neurod literacy and connect to other neurod learners.

For more information, please visit the MSUE Neurod diversity and diversity learning page.

To learn more, please view the MSUD Neurod learning page for more information about neuroscience.

This article is part of the Neuroscience Education Series that highlights research findings from across the neurosciences.

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