Why ‘the brain is wired differently than the body’: Experts report a possible link to Alzheimer’s disease

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Vascular neurologist Dr. Steven DeBrant says he’s not sure if the brain is ‘wired differently’ from the rest of the body, but he thinks that’s an issue that deserves further study.

“The brains that we use are designed to respond to a specific environment, so they’re built for what we know to be the environment that we’re in.

The brain is designed to be able to do different things,” DeBrants told ESPN.

“We’ve never really done a study to find out what it’s actually wired like, but it could be different.

It could be, for example, the brain responds differently to different kinds of stimuli.

So there are many areas that we know the brain will respond differently to, which is very interesting and that could explain some of the symptoms.”

DeBrant’s comments come after a study released last month suggested a link between a brain disorder called Alzheimer’s and changes in how the brain works.

A review of the literature found evidence linking the disorder to alterations in the structure of certain brain regions.

Researchers believe that those regions play a role in memory, cognition, mood, personality and personality disorders.

However, it’s unclear what those brain regions actually are, or how the disorder might affect them.

Brain scans of a patient with Alzheimer’s disorder revealed significant structural changes in a brain area called the prefrontal cortex, which also plays a role during cognitive processing.

The findings led researchers to hypothesize that the prefrontal area may be more affected by Alzheimer’s.

Scientists have also discovered that certain parts of the brain may be “frozen” during Alzheimer’s, causing the brain to behave differently during memory tasks.

There are also studies showing that certain drugs that alter a specific part of the nervous system can affect a person’s memory and ability to remember specific memories.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, seek professional help immediately.

It is important to note that no medication or treatments can cure or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

If you or your loved one has symptoms that are interfering with their ability to function, you may want to consult a doctor for further advice.

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