Why I left my home hospital for surgery and why I’m now at UC San Diego

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Posted February 08, 2019 06:12:51As I was being admitted to UC San Francisco Hospital this past Monday morning, I was taken off of ventilator by the ICU nurse, who I will call Mrs. N, because the nurse told me that I was “doing OK”.

The nurse said that I had been in my apartment and that I could call her when I felt better, and that she could get me to an emergency room if I needed it.

I wasn’t in my home, which is very uncommon for me, and the ICUs do not have beds, so I called my roommate, who works for the hospital, and he told me to call Mrs N. Mrs N came out to the elevator and was on the phone.

As I asked the nurse for her name, Mrs N, she said that she was called to the ER at 10:30 am and was in the ICUC.

I asked her if she had seen me, because she had called the ER about 15 minutes before, and she told me “yes” without a word of warning.

She told me how I was in an ICU and I should call her, but she said I could not call her until I saw a doctor, and I did not know when that doctor would arrive.

I didn’t call her for another 15 minutes.

At that point, I began to feel very confused.

I was still in shock from the ICV, and it was not clear how I could leave the hospital and return to my home.

The next thing I knew, I had the call of the nurse saying “call the ER now!”

She told her that I needed to be in the hospital by 5:30pm.

She called the nurse and said that the nurse was on her way.

I said “Oh, wait a minute, I’m in the ER, call me now”.

As soon as I said that, the nurse walked up to me and asked me to take off my gloves, as she was not wearing a mask.

She told me not to tell anyone what happened to me, but I did.

As she walked away, she told Mrs N that I did a good job.

I told her I was very lucky and that we had a very good team here at UCSF.

I am so grateful that I called the ambulance that night, because it saved my life.

I’m grateful that they saved my eyesight.

Mrs N is a very caring and patient person and I would like to thank her for being there when I needed her.

She has been a hero for me.

I was in my first ICU since the ICC accident on November 17, 2016.

The doctors told me it was a terrible experience because I was paralyzed from the neck down.

I didn’t know if I would ever walk again, but as I recovered from the spinal cord injury, I went through a lot of pain and was constantly being monitored.

My family and I were in a very difficult place.


N was the one who helped me through this time.

I started getting the phone calls from my roommates and friends saying that I would be OK.

I got texts and emails from my sister and my mom, saying that they were in shock as well, and they were hoping I would not have to be hospitalized for a long time.

I had to wait until February to be released from the hospital.

Mrs. N had me sign a waiver stating that she would call me every day.

I had no idea how long that would take, but it was an important thing that I signed because I wanted to be prepared to see my family again.

After that, I started getting texts and calls from friends and family asking if I had made it home.

Mrs S called me the day after I was released and said, “Did you see the ambulance?

It was a miracle that you got out alive.”

I am grateful to Mrs S for not only being there for me in the moment, but for keeping me connected to the outside world, so that I wouldn’t feel lonely.

I have had some pretty bad experiences with the hospital since I got back, and as a resident in the intensive care unit, I am used to the feeling of being in an emergency situation, but this was different.

I have never been in a situation where I felt completely isolated.

I think I made the right decision to stay in the unit until I had some semblance of a normal life, but now that I have some semblance, I need to be able to feel comfortable again.

I also want to thank my roommate for being the person that helped me get out of the hospital safely.

I hope he sees me as a hero and treats me with respect.

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