What to know about brain injury and neurodegeneration


PHOENIX — For many, the diagnosis of a stroke is a traumatic event.

But, the exact cause is not known, and there are no clear guidelines for how to treat it.

For now, the brain is the most commonly thought to be injured during a stroke.

But there is still no clear answer about how to heal from a stroke without harming the brain, said Dr. Michael L. McInerney, a neurologist and neurology professor at the University of Arizona.

“It’s a tough question,” he said.

“There is no consensus on the optimal treatment.”

In general, stroke victims can survive for about a month without recovery, according to the American Stroke Association.

That’s why it’s often recommended that stroke victims undergo a few weeks of rehabilitation, but there are some exceptions.

A common complication of stroke is permanent brain damage.

If a stroke victim has a brain tumor, for example, it can cause symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

But a stroke survivor with a normal brain could not lose the ability to speak, walk or use a wheelchair.

The condition can also affect a person’s ability to walk, talk and use a computer, according the American Brain Tumor Association.

It’s also unclear how long a stroke can last, since many patients are hospitalized for a long time.

Dr. David C. Tumlin, a stroke specialist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said it can take years for the brain to heal.

“I think the number of months is an underestimate,” he told ABC News.

“Most people think that a stroke lasts about a year, but a few months is not necessarily the same as a year.

There is a huge range of time between people having symptoms.”

When a stroke kills, it typically takes about two weeks to two months for symptoms to disappear, Dr. Tumplin said.

For people who survive a stroke, the recovery process typically involves brain imaging.

Some studies suggest the brain can recover much faster than others.

The first step in treating a stroke injury is imaging, or seeing a specialist.

The brain is still injured, so the person will need a CT scan to determine how damaged the brain actually is.

The patient will then be tested for a brain protein called fibrinogen.

Some people have low levels of fibrinolytic protein, which causes the protein to be flushed out of the brain.

This protein can also be increased or decreased, depending on the type of injury, depending if it’s a normal or abnormal stroke.

If the fibrionogen levels are too high, the patient may need to undergo surgery to remove the brain tumor.

The surgeon will also have to determine whether the injury was caused by the stroke itself or if the person was too young or too old to be at risk.

“When you’re at a very early stage of stroke, it’s very difficult to do surgery,” Dr. McConnel said.

Dr McConnell said if the fibronin levels are low, then the brain may still be injured.

The brain can still respond to treatment if the tissue is not too damaged, but he said there is a very good chance the brain will heal.

In a stroke with brain injury, the body tries to heal by changing the way it thinks, Dr McConlan said.

The goal is to restore normal functions.

“The brain is really hard to do, but it’s also hard to stop,” he added.

“So, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.”

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