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Which neuro-technology is currently the most popular for patients with Parkinson’s?

TalkSport has identified five neuro-technologies that are currently the top choice for Parkinson’s patients, but it would be wrong to label them as the “right” or “best” choice for those with the condition.Read more: Neurotechnology is now the most common choice for patients on Parkinson’s treatment: Neuro-technology article Neuro-technological treatments have seen a huge surge in


Which cryptocurrency is the most promising?

Stony Brook University neurologist David A. Cohen will speak at a CryptoCon conference on January 11.Cohen, who was formerly the director of neuroscience at Columbia University and has received many awards for his work in the field, is the co-founder and CEO of BIOs Crypto Network, an organization focused on securing the blockchain for digital


Which brain regions are affected by the Zika virus?

By David B. SmithThe brain is the epicenter of the immune system, but it is also the region most susceptible to the spread of a virus that has struck the Americas, including parts of Brazil and Colombia.In Brazil, the Zika outbreak has caused more than 400,000 cases of microcephaly, a condition that leaves infants born


How to diagnose a stroke in your brain

Neurologists at the University of Queensland are developing a test that can identify the most common strokes in people with stroke-like symptoms.A team of scientists has developed a diagnostic tool that can help identify patients at high risk of developing stroke-related complications.The new diagnostic tool, called Vascular Neurofibrillary Tract (VNT), works by using magnetic resonance


How India’s neurosurgeons are killing cancer patients

In India, where the number of people dying from brain cancer has nearly quadrupled in the last 10 years, doctors are using powerful new drugs to try and beat the disease.The Indian neurosurgery profession is on the frontlines of the fight against cancer.The drugs are known as neuroleptic drugs, and the country’s top neurosurgeon, Surjit


Which are the best neuroscientific treatments for depression?

Google News is the perfect place to start for those seeking treatment for a depressive disorder.And this year’s edition is a treat for everyone.Here are the top neuroscience treatments for the symptoms of depression:A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that people who take a combination of antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy

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