Greater Raritan, Chester neurology: The Mercy Neurology


Mercy neurologic, a small but highly experienced neurologic practice, will soon offer neurologic services in the greater Rochester area. 

The move comes after a year of growing demand for neurologic care in the region, as demand for mental health care has increased dramatically. 

Mercy neurologists specialize in managing patients’ emotional and physical needs, including the development of chronic pain and chronic fatigue. 

A new pilot program in the Rochester Medical District is designed to increase access to neurologic treatments in rural areas. 

“We have a lot of rural hospitals in the area that are struggling,” said Mercy neurosurgeon Dr. Scott Lippitt. 

Lippitt is currently the director of neurology at St. Peter’s Hospital, where he performs neurosurgery and is responsible for managing the trauma department. 

He is particularly excited about expanding his practice’s scope in the Greater Rochester Area.

“We’re getting some demand for neurosurgeries in that area,” Lippitz said. 

For patients who are unable to get neurologic treatment in their home, Lippits team is partnering with local mental health organizations and is partnering on an in-person visit. 

On the program, patients will be able to get a neurologist’s assessment and talk to a team of doctors to help plan a comprehensive and comprehensive treatment plan. 

This is one of many neurologic clinics the Mercy Neurosurgery Group is doing in the future. 

 “What we want to do is provide more support for our patients, so that they can get the treatment that’s right for them,” Lipsit said.

“We have people who have suffered from severe pain for years and they’re not getting the treatment they need.” 

Merchants are one of the primary providers of neurologic surgeries and are currently providing the largest percentage of neurologists’ services in New York. 

New York State recently launched a pilot program to increase availability of neurosurgeons in rural communities. 

Dr. Richard Boulware, chairman of the New York State Department of Health’s Department of Neurology, said neurologists can play a vital role in providing safe, quality neurosurgey services to underserved populations. 

In order to offer these services in rural and underserved communities, neurologists have to have specialized training and education in order to provide these services. 

There are many reasons for this.

One is that, because of the rural nature of the region and the lack of specialized training, the neurologists are unable or unwilling to take on these complex operations in their homes. 

Boulware said the state has seen an uptick in requests for neurosurgical care, particularly in the areas where the demand is greatest. 

While the number of neurologist surgeries in New Jersey has increased, they are still very limited in terms of number and the number and quality of procedures they can perform. 

According to the Department of Public Health, more than 10,000 neurosurges in New England have been assigned to work in underserved rural communities, and more than 3,000 people die each year as a result of their inability to get their neurosurgically necessary procedures. 

What this means is that a neurologic surgeon who is available for a neurosuture in the home, but unable to come to a surgery at the nearest hospital, will be more able to take a patient to a local neurosurgeon to have the procedure performed in a more convenient location. 

It is important to note that this is not to say that there is not need for additional neurosurgy providers in rural hospitals, but it is to say it is critical to provide a better, more comprehensive, and safe neurosarcheology service. 

When it comes to the number, Lipsits team hopes to expand its practice to provide care to a wider range of patients. 

They have also opened an office in the city of Albany. 

With the increased demand for their services, they have expanded their team to include neurosurvets from other states. 

The Mercy team has partnered with the New Jersey State Department for Health, the New Brunswick State Department, the Greater New York Association of Neurosurgeons, and the New England Association of Neurologists. “

These are some of the leading experts in the state and nationally.” 

The Mercy team has partnered with the New Jersey State Department for Health, the New Brunswick State Department, the Greater New York Association of Neurosurgeons, and the New England Association of Neurologists. 

Additionally, they will be providing a Neurosurgical Specialty License to other neurologists who are interested in practicing neurology in New Brunswick, and will be looking for additional partners to expand the scope. 

More details about the program will be announced at a later date.

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