An interesting story about the ‘Memphis Neurosciences Fellowship’


Neuroscientist Kunal Nair is the lead author of a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience that found that the Memphis Neuroscience Fellowship, an initiative to boost research into the brain, could actually save lives.

In the study, researchers recruited patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other brain injury from two different institutions in the US and India, as well as two independent research groups.

They found that those with brain injuries that were treated at one institution had a lower rate of death and a lower incidence of relapse after treatment than those with the other injury.

The study was conducted over five years and involved over 2,500 patients.

Nair and his colleagues identified over 20,000 brain lesions that were identified through MRI scans.

The lesions were then identified through an online database of brain scans.

They identified the type of injury that led to the lesions, the severity of the injury, and the degree of recovery from the injury.

These brain lesions were also evaluated for the types of brain pathology that might lead to more serious outcomes.

When compared to the control group, those who received the Memphis Neuroscience Fellowship had a greater rate of improvement in survival and an increased rate of relapse.

“The Memphis Neuroscientists have identified a pathway that may lead to long-term survival after stroke and traumatic brain injuries,” said Nair.

“Our study shows that these types of injury may not be the only risk factor for long-lasting outcomes.

The fact that we identified a brain pathway is a huge advance.”

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