How to deal with a sore throat in South Shore neurology

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Posted January 08, 2019 16:06:22A sore throat can make your life a lot easier if you get help from a neurologist.

Stony Brook neurologist Lisa Gerson said a sore head can be a sign of something else.

“A sore head is a headache, but also, it’s a sore jawline.

It can be something like that, but I think it’s also something like a sore neck, where you’re feeling like your throat’s not opening properly,” she said.”

That can be quite frustrating.”

When you have a sore mouth, it could be an infection, and it can make you feel like your mouth’s not getting the proper attention, she said, adding that it can also make you want to vomit.

“The sore throat is a really important symptom for someone with a cough,” she explained.

“It can be particularly frustrating for someone who is chronically coughing, for example, if you’re constantly coughing.”

It’s not just your mouth, either.

You may also notice a little tingling in your neck, your jawline and a sore tongue.

“If you have some sore throat, you’re more likely to have some swelling in your lower jawline, you may also have some discomfort in your back, and you may feel like you’re having a headache,” she advised.

“And if you have this sore throat for a long time, you’ll get an infection.”

You’re not aloneStonybrook neurologist Dr Jennifer Johnson said a lot of people with sore throats are unaware of the condition and its symptoms.

“Most people are aware of the symptoms of sore throat,” she noted.

“They think, ‘Oh, cough’ is something that’s something that you get from your cough.

But the truth is, the real culprit is probably the antibiotics that you’re taking, and if you take them long enough, they can cause infections in the mouth,” she added.”

Some antibiotics can cause infection in the throat.

If you don’t get them, you can get infection in your mouth.

It’s the same reason why antibiotics can affect your heart and brain.”

It can cause serious problemsIf you think you’re sick with a headache or a sore face, call 000 and speak to a specialist, she advised, especially if you’ve had surgery or have been to hospital.

“I think it can be really frustrating to see the symptoms, but we can help people to get through it.”

If you’ve already had surgery and you’re concerned about how you feel, talk to your doctor about it and he or she may be able to advise you how to manage it.

“We can recommend that you see your specialist and get advice on how to get around it,” Dr Johnson said.

In the meantime, you should be taking some medication, such as acetaminophen, as it can help with the symptoms.

Dr Johnson said if you can’t manage your sore throat and are still experiencing symptoms, speak to your GP.

“At the moment, we know that it’s probably a common thing, and so we do our best to educate people about it,” she continued.

“But I think people with a chronic cough or a cough that they’ve had for a very long time are more likely than those with no coughs to feel that it needs some attention.”

If your sore neck isn’t getting better, call 0800 532 4444 or visit the South Shore Neurology Group for more information.

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